SD2360/2340 Career Portfolio III

Paul Tilley

Course Outline

Topic 1.0 Self and Career Assessment

Read Handout: Self-Awareness : A point of departure
Complete Self Assessments for handin
Source: Chapter 1 - Training and Interpersonal Skills: Tips for managing People at Work Stephen Robbins & Phillip Hunsaker Prentic Hall
Review: Conference Board of Canada - Employability Skills 2000+
Employability Skills 2000+ are the critical skills you need in the workplace-whether you are self-employed or working for others. Use the Employability Skills Toolkit to improve your skills.
Read/Review/Print: Conference Board of Canada - Innovation Skills Profile The Innovation Skills Profile isolates the unique contribution that an individual's skills, attitudes, and behaviours make to an organization's innovation performance
Complete: Conference Board of Canada: Skills Credentialing ToolThe Skills Credentialing Tool for Individuals is a self-assessment and portfolio-building tool for students, employees and job-seekers. This tool helps individuals self-assess their essential skills and employability attitudes and behaviours; and create an evidence-based portfolio that they can share with an employment counsellor, instructor and/or workplace supervisor.
Skills Credentialing Tool For Individuals
TOPIC 1 Deliverables:
1) Submit your Portfolio for Review (5%)
2) Submit your completed Self-Assessment (5%)

Topic 2.0 Job Search Skills

Topic 2.0 Job Search Skills
Topic Goals:
  • Appraise Jobs Available using traditional and electronic sources
  • Compile a list of suitable potential employers
Newspaper (see handout)
Bulletin Boards
Service Canada

Visit: **** ****
Set up a LINKEDIN profile and connect to me
1) Watch the Video
2) Join
3) Get a “professional” picture of yourself
4) Build your profile by adding your resume
5) Find / make contacts
6) Join groups
Build and refine your Linkedin Profile
Using Linkedin -
a) Setup Linkedin profile, complete with your photo and a resume setup and linked to me. Linkedin should indicate to you that your profile set up to over 80% complete (10%)

Topic 3.0 Employment Processes
Cover Letters
General Resume Guidelines (Action Words, dos and donts)
The Interview: Interview Questions - Behavioral Questions
Answers to 5 toughest job interview questions
Topic 3.0 Employment Processes
Topic Goals:
  • Discuss the importance of ethics in resume preparation
  • 3.2 Select appropriate style, action words and key concepts for your resume
  • 3.3 Write a resume and cover letter for a specific position
  • 3.4 Describe the characteristics of a successful interview and interviewee
  • 3.5 Create a one page summary of a company and a list of common interview questions and appropriate responses in preparation for an interview
  • 3.5.1 Discuss corporate vision, mission, organizational goals and strategic plan as part of the company summary
  • 3.6 Discuss nonverbal messages that influence interview decisions
  • 3.7 Explain the importance of following-up the interview
  • 3.8 Participate in a mock interview exercise
Interview Preparation
Your Task
Develop a list of possible interview questions from a job ad
Develop a list of “Ideal” answers for those questions
a) Submit Resume (Print off PDF version of your Linkedin Resume) (5%)
b) Develop an effective Cover Letter for a Job ad from Linkedin source – include both (5%)
c) Mock Interview Video (3% interviewer 7% interviewee )

Topic 4.0 Job Expectations & Portfolio Update

Work Exposure Preparation
4.1 Discuss work exposure placement opportunities
  • 4.2 Discuss the proper behavior for work exposure placement
  • 4.3 Discuss the use of Work Placement Journals
  • 4.4 Discuss work term requirements for evaluation
  • 4.5 Discuss the importance of your first day at work regarding punctuality
  • 4.6 Define probationary period
  • 4.7 Discuss the importance of balance between professional and personal responsibilities
  • 4.8 Create a one-page summary of work exposure expectations
  • 4.9 Update career Portfolio


  1. Expectations (10%)
At this point in your program you have covered most of the course material and had the opportunity to experience aspects of a career in business administration. Your task now is to write a 1 page reflection, for your portfolio on this experience and your work exposure expectations that you have developed through the program. (10%)

2. Revise/Update Career Portfolio (50% Detail Below)

This assignment will be due at the end of the semester and is valued at 50% of the learner’s final course grade. Please note that as students move through the series of SD courses in their program, the expectation for the portfolio would increase as their skills, work samples, and documentation become more advanced. This is the third SD course in the Business programs.The criteria in the table below are included in the grading rubric on the following page.

|| #
Organization and Grammar
Cover Page/Homepage (for e-portfolios)
Personal Statement (see Page 5 – 7)
Statement of Confidentiality
Table of Contents/List of Links (for e-portfolios)
Resume and Cover Letter
Academic Record
Letters of Recommendations (at least two)
Reflections (see deliverable 1)
Work Samples (at least seven)
(college/community or volunteer/hobbies)

  1. The students are expected to present their personal career portfolio as a professional business document and not as an informal, decorative scrapbook.

  1. The portfolio components should be presented in the order outlined in the table above.

  1. The student portfolio may be in a physical binder or electronically prepared as an e-portfolio.

  1. The physical binder should utilize sheet protectors and dividers for ease of presentation and protection of student documents.