Marketing Participation - Media Project

Your group for 4 or less has been put in charge of an account for a client. The Client wants to create a media campaign across several platforms – Print, Presentation, Website, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter. Your job is to design media that are designed to represent the Client. Your report will be presented to the class (who will act as the Client) in the last week of classes

THE CLIENT: Town of Clarenville

The Town of Clarenville is working to develop a better communications strategy with its citizens and potential investors. You have been approach by the Town to give them your perspective (Youth, Fresh Eyes, Not necessary from here)
They want help in four things:
1. Creating a Citizen’s Guide to the Town of Clarenville.
2. Producing a new and dynamic Video of the Town that visualizes some of the key messages associated with its theme Real-Life-Potential. The video is to be aimed at each of the identified targets
3. Creating a PowerPoint presentation promoting Clarenville as an ideal location for each of the targets
4. Developing a quick reference guide to make residents, visitors and business leaders aware of the suite of online services available.

Town of Clarenville Website
Clarenville Events Centre
Town Official Facebook Page
Connect throug Webpage
Town Official Twitter Feed
Connect through Webpage
Photos of Clarenville
The Packet Newspaper
Our Town Clarenville Facebook
Our Town Clarenville Blog
The Packet Article on Clarenville Stats
National Housing Survey
Your job is to pick ONE (1) of the four options and develop a product to meet the nees of the client. During the week of Nov 27 you will present this to the class who are acting on behalf of the client.

Project Due Date: Nov. 27