Our region was settled in the 1850's, not because of fishing resources, but rather because of forest resources. Over 20 sawmills were build, most powered by water. The most famous of these mills was the mill in Deep Bight that many of us over 40 remember. Unfortunately it was destroyed in the 1980's. This morning I chatted with CTV morning Live's Cyril Lunney about one man's efforts to rebuild the Deep Bight water mill to its original glory. Watch here...

Posted by Our Town - Clarenville on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ALSO SEE Corwin's Letter to the Editor p20 : regarding the mill http://clarenville.newfoundland.ws/The_Random_Guardian_1967_June.asp?page=20

The Original WaterMill in Deep Bight in the 1960s.jpg
reconstruction (4).jpg
reconstruction (2).jpg
reconstruction (1.5).jpg
Original Waterwheel in 1979.jpg