HN2130 – Recruitment & Selection
Intersession 2015

The Recruitment & Selection Course

This course will examine in some depth the current process, issues and practices involved in the recruitment and selection function. You will explore the staffing function, legal compliance, information sources for staffing, reliability and validity of performance predictors, recruitment, selection, staffing evaluation, and emerging trends in staffing. You will also apply various staffing techniques and practices using case studies and application assignments.

Topics We’ll Be Covering in Recruitment & Selection

1.0 The Staffing Function
2.0 Legal Compliance
3.0 Information Sources for Staffing
4.0 Reliability and Validity of Performance Predictors
5.0 Recruitment: Methods, Processes and Measures
6.0 Selection I – Screening
7.0 Selection II – Testing
8.0 Selection III – Interviews
9.0 The Selection Decision
10.0 Staffing Evaluation
11.0 Emerging Trends

Resources You Will Be Using in Recruitment & Selection

  • Text: Catano, Victor et al. Recruitment and Selection in Canada 5th edition, Nelson

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Course Introduction Video

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Unit 11 Video

Syllabus: HN1230 Syllabus for Fall 2011.docx

Course Facebook site: Paul Tilley's HRM Page
TOPIC 1 Links: Understanding the Canadian Legal Environment:

Macroeconomics video blogs for EC1200

Paul Tilley

The following videos were produced by Mary Foodie. She teaches
economics in the United States and does a great job at making a
relatively challenging subject more easy to understand.
These videos have a US bent to them but the theory as it applies
to our situation in Canada is the same. Take some time to review
the videos for the approporate section that you are covering
in the course - I think you will find it time well spent!

Scarcity and Choice


Micro vs Macro

The Individual

Real Income

Types of Unemployment

Measuring GDP

Real GDP

Sustaining Economic Growth

Inflation & Price Indexes

What is Money?

Money Creation

Government's role in the money supply - The Money Market

Exchange Rates

Comparative Advantage & Trade

Why do countries restrict trade?