HN2100 - Collective Agreement Administration

This course will examine the issues involved in the interpretation, application and administration of a collective agreement. The learner will explore public service collective bargaining, regulating the collective agreement, collective agreement administration, collective agreements clauses and the legal issues in interpreting and administering collective agreements. Learners will have the opportunity to apply and interpret various collective agreement administration techniques, practices, and clauses using case studies and application assignments.


Saxe, S. D. and McLean, B. Collective agreement handbook: A guide for employers and employees (2nd ed.). Toronto: Canada Law Book Inc. ISBN-13: 9780888044709


Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Describe the legislative framework under which collective agreements are administered, along with the impact of various employment/labour laws/regulations and arbitral/grievance jurisprudence on the interpretation, application, and administration of collective agreements
  2. Discuss public sector collective bargaining
  3. Explain how collective agreements are regulated and administered
  4. Interpret and examine common collective agreement clauses
  5. Discuss the key legal issues in interpreting and administering collective agreements
  6. Demonstrate and apply various collective agreement practices and techniques

  1. Legislative Framework
  2. Public Sector Collective Bargaining
  3. Regulating the Collective Agreement
  4. Collective Agreement Administration
  5. Collective Agreement Clauses
  6. Legal Issues in Interpreting and Administering Collective Agreements


  1. Individual Research Project 20%
  2. Folio 10%
  3. Group Topic Research Presentation 10%
  4. Semester Test(s) 30%
  5. Final Examination 30%

1) Research Project 15% Presentation 5%

This INDIVIDUAL project is intended for you to acquire an in-depth understanding of a particular aspect of Canadian Labour. Below, I have listed a series of potential topics. Your task is to pick one of those topics, research it and from your research create a 5-10 page original paper on that topic.

• The “Canadianization” of the Labour Movement
• Challenges ahead for Canadian Labour
• Union Raiding in Canada
• Famous / Influential Labour Disputes in Canada/Newfoundland
• Any other approved topic. (see me to discuss your idea and I will give you feedback)

Research papers should be of proper format – typed, double spaced, with appropriate citing of material.

You will be expected to present your project to the class in the last week of the semester.

Due Date: Paper and Presentation are due during the last week of classes for the term.

2) Develop a folio of Collective Agreement news articles @ 10%
Labour relations issues surrounding negotiations towards a collective agreement appear in the news on a regular basis. Your task in this grade item is to collect and document at least ten (10) relevant news stories that deal with Canadian Labour relations issues that are occurring during the course of this term. I want you to include the article and a brief description of the relevant aspects of the learning objectives covered in this course to the issue covered in the article.

Due Date: This project is due the second last week of the term.

3) Topic research presentation @10%
In a group of three or less, you will be responsible for the research and delivery of one of the topics in this course. You will be assigned a topic in week 3. Your job will involve researching the topic, familiarizing yourself with the defined teaching objectives for that unit, and developing/presenting the content for that unit. You will have a class (or two) assigned to deliver the content.

Examinations 60%
There will be two midterms and a final exam. Tests will largely consist of Fill-in, matching and multiple choice couples with Short answer questions. See the course schedule for coverage details.

Introduction to the Course

Unit 1 - History of CAA

Unit 2 - Part 1 - A Brief History
of Canadian Labour Relations

Unit 2 -
Part 2 - Forming a Union in
The process of becomming unionized:


Unit 2
Part 3 - The Collective

Unit 3 -
Collective Agreement
Admin. - Part 1

Unit 4 -
Collective Agreement
Admin - Part 2

Unit 5 - Public Service
Collective Bargaining

Unit 6 - CA Clauses - Part 1

Unit 7 - CA Clauses - Part 2

Unit 8 - CA Clauses - Part 3

Unit 9 -

The filmmakers were given remarkable freedom to record the historic 1984 contract negotiations between the United Auto Workers and General Motors Corporation. Bob White, labour leader of the Canadian branch of the UAW, must also confront his American counterpart from Detroit and succeeds in arriving at a contract that is significantly Canadian. His members had already given him a mandate to fight for independence from the American union. This is an invaluable document for anyone interested in the complexities of United States-Canada relations. It's an extraordinary film about revolutionary events.

Final Offer by Robert Collison& by Sturla Gunnarsson, National Film Board of Canada

The Grievance Process

The Grievance: Produced in cooperation with the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada, the film traces the process of filing a worker’s grievance in the mechanical and industrial fields.

The Grievance by Morten Parker, National Film Board of Canada