MR2100 - Marketing 2 (Winter 2016)

This course builds on the concepts and techniques introduced in Marketing I. In this course we do a detailed examination of the elements of the marketing mix both for products and for services. You will also focus on the planning, implementation and evaluation of the marketing management process.

Downloadable Course Syllabus:

Crane, F.G., Kerin, R.A., and Hartley, S.W. (2008). Marketing (7th Cdn. ed.). Toronto: McGraw-Hill. ISBN-10: 0070984948; ISBN-13: 9780070984943

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:
  1. Discuss and describe the elements of a marketing plan for industry
  2. Evaluate and apply the appropriate marketing mix for industry
  3. Evaluate and recommend a marketing communication strategy for industry


  1. Product
  2. Product Development and Lifecycle
  3. Price
  4. Distribution and Supply Chain Management
  5. Retailing and Wholesaling
  6. Promotion
  7. Advertising
  8. Personal Selling


• Course Facebook Group - 15%
• Midterm Exams – 2 @ 15 – 30%
• Group Case Analysis @ 15%
• Final Exam - 40%

Course Facebook Group/Blog 15%

This semester I will have you to contribute to a course group – MR2100 Marketing Facebook Group

The concept is relatively simple. Here’s what you need to do.
1) We will set up a Class Facebook Group
2) You task, is twofold. First, you are to scan your online world on a regular basis and repost what you think is relevant to our course to the page – I expect that you to write a breif explaination of less than 50 words with each post that explains its relevance. You should do at least a post once a week for the life of the course – and beyound if you wish.
3) Second, you (or a group of you) need to post at least Five (5) original pieces of content that includes at least one selection of Pictures, Video and Audio.
Comments from peers, and from outsiders is welcome and there will be awards (the FaceOFF awards) at the end of the course.

I will hand out more information on this later this week.

Midterm Exams – 2 @ 15%

The Midterm exams will be an invigilated 2 hour exam. The Midterm will consist of 40% Multiple Choice/True False questions and 60% Essay questions that will cover the material indicated and test your ability to apply what you have learned in the course. Weeks 4 and 11

Marketing Project or Case Analysis @ 15%

You have a choice of doing a special project of doing a Case. Groups will be formed in the FOURTH week of the semester and will consist of no more than 4 members. Your group will take on the role of a marketing consultant and analyse the case and present an overview and their analysis to me. Cases may be selected from the list provided below. Please let me know of your case choice by week 4. A Presentation paper will be due at the end of the course.

Special Project: You can select a company/organization and work with them to develop marketing material. The deliverable is the marketing material that you build.


Case choices will be:

• Brand Manitoba p302

• Washburn International p354

• West Edmonton Mall p420

• AdFarm p476

Put yourself in the shoes of a consultant who has been selected by the company in question. Your Case analysis must include the following key points:

1) Case Name and location

2) Detailed overview of case

3) Define the problem/opportunity to be addressed

4) Conduct a thorough environmental analysis for the business/industry

5) Describe possible solutions to the problem/opportunity and in doing so apply the theory that you have learned in the course. Outline the pros and cons of each solution

6) Select the best solution and explain why you chose that one

7) Detail an implementation plan for the solution

8) Explain how the solution plans implementation it will be monitored.
What I want to see:
1) A professional group presentation

2) A formal written report outlining the above steps

3) A demonstration that you’re applying what you have learned to the analytical process outlined above.
Each group member will have an opportunity to confidentially review his/her contribution and his/her fellow group member’s contribution to the project. This will affect the mark received by each individual on the project.

Due Date

Presented: Last week of classes; due last day of classes

Textbook link to Online chapter quizzes and additional learning material (Once on the page - Select the appropriate chapter on the left side drop box)
THE AD GUY website - Bruce Chambers analizes the latest trends in advertising
THE AGE OF PERSUASION website - Terry O'Reilly is one of Canada's leading marketers and a great producer.
Marketing Naples Florida - Top SEO and Marketing Company in Naples Florida

MR2100 Calendar & Course Outline

Week of
Material Covered
Jan 4
Overview, Expectations and Syllabus Review
Read Ch. 10 - Product Element of the Marketing Mix – Product Development
Jan 11
Read Ch. 10 - Product Element of the Marketing Mix – Product Development
Jan 18
Read Ch. 11 - Product Element of the Marketing Mix – Product Management
Jan 25
Read Ch.12 - Managing Services
Feb 1
Exam 1 - Covering Chapters 10, 11 & 12
Feb 8
Read Ch. 13 - Pricing
Chapter 13’s Appendix
Feb 15
Read Ch. 13 - Pricing
Chapter 13’s Appendix
Feb 22
Read Ch. 14 - Marketing Channels & Logistics
March 1
Reading Break
March 8
Read Ch. 14 - Marketing Channels & Logistics
March 15
Read Ch. 15 – Retailing
March 22
Exam 2 - Covering Chapters 13 , 14 & 15
March 29
Read Ch. 16 - Marketing Communications
April 5
Read Ch. 17 – Advertising
April 12
Read Chapter 18 – Personal Selling
April 19
Final Exam (M/C – Multiple Choice/Short Answer Comprehensive) List of 10 possible exam questions handed out in advance

Course Notes (Video's, PP Slides & Notes)
Part 1 - Managing Products and Services
Chapter 10 - Developing New Products and Services

Class Case

Dean Simon - Ski Hill Man


Chapter 11 - Managing Products and Brands

Listen to:
Wednesday January 27, 2016

When Marketers Lie

Chapter 12 - Managing Services

Part 2 - Pricing Products and Services

Part 3 - Place issues with Products and Services

Part 1

Chapter 15- Retailing

Part 4 - Promotion Issues - Communicating with the Customer
Chapter 16 - Integrated Marketing Communications


Chapter 17 - Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public Relations

Types of Advertising Appeals